Undergo PDO Thread Lift Today and Enjoy Multiple Skin Benefits

Have you heard about PDO thread lift?

Well, it’s an effective, safe, and efficient treatment that can lift and tighten your sagging skin tissue. This procedure can remove the visible effects of gravity and age from your face and neck. To be more precise, this treatment can be used to lift up the skin around your eyebrow and reduce wrinkles from your neck and decolletage area.  

At Wellness Medspa, our real-time doctors will insert a cannula (which is loaded with absorbable, fine, and minute thread) into the deeper layer of your skin. Please check below and reveal some of the notable benefits of PDO thread lift.   

It offers instant skin lifting.  
It stimulates collagen renewal process.
It ensures skin tightening.

  To ensure the best and most optimum results, kindly make sure to get it done by the guidance of experienced doctors and professionals of Wellness Medspa. The session can take up to one hour and the results can last from six months to two years.

To undergo PDO thread lift, please contact Wellness Medspa today or dial (310) 433-6694.